he classical  tower defense is already here. War City is one of the best tower defense games with upgraded weaponry and real-life weather conditions.

Join the defense line of the kingdom in the best offline empire. 
The flow of the offline tactical war

There are 2 crazy options:
You can play it hard till setting the record
You can dive into the madness of vengeance and pass level by level
Use an insanely powerful army for defending the castle. You have got archers, infantry, warlocks, cavalry, marines for battle in this never-ending realm war. 
 As for a new mighty weapon, three types of cannonball are waiting just for you! Freeze, burst, and poison your enemies in the defense strategy game. Predict the next step in this mobile war and upgrade the cannonball even more. You can shoot faster and increase the level of damage.
  Free tower defense has days and nights, with different kinds of weather. When night comes and brings pouring rain with heavy clouds, your archenemies become more robust and even more dangerous. 
Be the front hero in a classical castle defense
You can upgrade not only weapons but also all towers and army. It is not a strategy game where you can sit idle in a dungeon during the siege and attack. You are the guard who conquests by tapping rapidly on a mobile screen. It is easy to place your guards- warriors in the right places for protection during the rush battle. Castle defense is the most important task you cannot fail. With an immaculate war strategy, you can be an icon defender. 
Tower defense games can fulfill even a tiny fantasy. Tiny towers can merge and upgrade to give you more strength to defend a kingdom.  
HD tower defense games help you to enjoy not only the raid battle but also to make a fantasy dash into tactical and strategy war for the freedom of the kingdom.
Strategy defender of the kingdom
Don’t miss a chance to become a defender in the offline war kingdom. Tower defense games allow you to build a defense, a strategy, try a new tactical siege in a battle. You can make tiny towers or massive castles, be idle, or attack. You can place your army near the tower or castle, choose your way of defending the kingdom.

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