World of Metro Cataclysm

About the game: (Chinese)

An extremely gripping game.
Fascinating playing process which won’t make you bored even for a minute.

You will have a thrilling journey along post apocalyptic subway.
Fight with the armies of zombies, monsters, and receive extra bonuses, lives, and many other things which will help you in a game, overcome the obstacles and traps of different types and complexity.
The time is limited –move faster to be the best!
Earn scores, zorch your bike and hero, buy the most powerful weapon and protection, play with other real people in the net, fly over familiar stations of subway and be the first! But remember, your fellow players are behind, don’t let them crash all your plans.
It is you who will decide whether to stay at your level or to be at the top of the world rating.
Get ready and go!

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