Fruits Epic Rush

 Мобильная игра Fruits Epic Rush

Ready to challenge yourself to play the amazing fruit swipe or knife hitting game? Fruits Epic Rush - Slash Knife is an addictive hyper-casual knife slashing game where you tap on the screen to hit the knife on a moving fruit surface. You must slash the fruit into pieces before it reaches you. All you have to do is keep tapping on the screen to hit the knife on the surface at the right time at the right place. Keep hitting at the right time on the moving fruit and avoid hitting on another knife.
Your main task in the “Fruits Epic Rush - Slash Knife” is to hit the knife at the right time at the right place to score, avoiding hitting one knife above another knife. Remember not to hit the knife on another knife or else you’ll lose the game and will have to start it over.
“Fruits Epic Rush - Slash Knife” offers a brilliant game level system where the fruit moves faster and the game becomes more challenging. Furthermore, “Knife Throw Royale 2 : Knife Throw Game” offers you to customize your knife or dagger switch. With a very interesting and quite addictive game level, beautiful glowing visuals and easy controls, “Fruits Epic Rush - Slash Knife” is a fun game to play and enjoy.
Still looking for features that make this knife hitting game the best among all? Below are some incredible game features that you will enjoy - 
? 500+ Super-exciting and challenging game levels
? Buy different knives or daggers from the store
? Collect daily rewards and surprise bonuses
? Cut different types of fruit in our fun knife throwing game
? Choice of weapons; knives, sabers, axes, machetes and much more
? Variety of enemies; fruits, balls, dishes and much more
? Celebrate a knife party and be the funniest gamer of the knife party
While playing you build high scores and the game effectively tracks high scores. The game has beautiful game graphics and easy controls.
Cut the fruit with one touch of your finger! Throw your weapons at them, and get new and more interesting knives for it! Destroy as many fruits as possible! And there are a lot of them! Become a Knife Ninja by hitting the knives at the right time on the right fruit.
Do not forget that fruits can give you a rebuff, get ready for the fight!
All these incredible features are available for free! So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re looking for a knife throw game, knife hitting game, knife flipping game or knife bounty game, you can have all the fun with knife games on this amazing Fruits Epic Rush Game. Download this amazing knife throw game to enjoy an outstanding gaming experience with knife hitting.
Our Fruit Slash game is constantly getting better. If you have any feedback, please feel free to send us an email. If you like our game, please rate us on the play store and share it among your friends.


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