Sammy and Little Ocean Adventures

Sammy and Little Ocean Adventures is a family mobile game full of exciting adventures and brainteasers

Sammy and Little Ocean Adventures combines the best from the top mobile games of different genres. Fire a gun, just like to shoot widely known birds, and collect marine treasures. Solve brainteasers and receive the bonuses. Appeal to funny assistants, each with unique set of skills. You will be surprised to see how the time flies when you are captured by fascinating adventures in a mobile game!

Description of a casual game - adventures

The action takes place in the oceans, where the players should be prepared for a lot of exciting encounters with cute land creatures, mysterious bottom dwellers and imaginary characters.

A player is given a ship mortar to collect the golden coins. This powerful weapon is easy to handle: the barrel moves up and down, while the ball trajectory starting from a specified point is outlined by dashed lines.

Shot down gold becomes yours. But your way to the incredible treasures will be full of obstacles and brainteasers which should be solved.

Game features for mobile phones

  • FOR ALL FAMILY MEMBERS. The players of all ages, from 3 to 95+, will definitely enjoy the game.
  • EYE-PLEASING GRAPHICS. Location designs are determined by their aesthetics and color palette.
  • MANY LEVELS. Task complexity increases with each level on the way to the victory, which encourages the thrill of the game.
  • USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE. Everything is simple, concise, useable — the process is not overloaded.
  • CHANGE OF SCENE. Each level is different in graphics, so that a player does not get bored with similar landscapes.
  • NEW ELEMENTS. Each level has something new — things a player does not see at the previous levels.
  • PARENTS GATES. The parents shouldn’t worry any more that a child could take some unexpected actions — the settings in the Parents Gates can not be changed.

Who is the mobile adventurous game targeted at?

Android-based casual game is designed for all age categories, and their preferences are taken into account. This makes the project versatile and interesting for a wide target audience, including:

— Devotees of the casual games, adventures, brainteasers similar to known shooting games with birds and alike.

— Senior preschool age children, school students, teens, adults.

— Those who would like to fill in the time while queuing, traveling, or commuting, on the way to a countryside cottage, to a school/college/university. 

— Enthusiasts of everything new and genuine.

Benefits of Sammy and Little Ocean Adventures

  • Captivating adventure from the very beginning till the end.
  • Development of movements, logics, memory and attention training.
  • Experience-based complication of the gaming process
  • Unexpected encounters and rewarding bonuses.
  • Easy to manage.
  • Tolerant to resources.

Download and install a mobile game Sammy and Little Ocean Adventures for Android and enjoy every minute of adventures in a genuine game world.



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